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1983 Toby Henderson  You gotta run wide open or it ain't no fun.   BMX Action August 1983

AGE: 21
HOME TURF: El Toro,California
RANKINGS: NBL No.2 Cruiser,NBL No.7 Pro
SPONSOR: Hutch Hi-Performance
CO-SPONSORS: Bell,JT,Haro,Oakley,Pro Gard (read more below!),Seca
PERSONAL GEAR: Bell BMX 3 helmet,Bell duckbill visor,shortened Oakley goggles,Go Pro Jersey,JT pants,Vans low-cut shoes,JT Half-Breed gloves,Seca ankle guards
DIALIN' IN: Ralph's Bicycles,Downey,California

If you give Toby his choice of his current nicknames,he'd go for the Coca Cola Cowboy,definitely not Captain Elbows. Some aggressive riding in the early part of last year earned him that one. Ot's a image that he's trying to shed.  Any picture you see of me,my elbows are stuck way out,that's the way I ride. Now I'm trying to keep 'em from drilling into everybody,but I need 'em to ride. That's my style. 
 Now I'm working on being first to the first turn,that way I don't have to mess with anybody. If I'm in second coming into the first turn,I'll stay there unless the guy makes a big mistake,or leaves a big enough hole for me to get through cleanly. 
With most of the aggressive riding problems behind him,Toby is concentrating on his training,and goin' fast. He has a training method that's unusual to say the least. He rides his 18 inch pit bike a lot on a speedway track set-up

in the parking lot behind his house.  Everything happens so fast on it,it makes your mind work faster. Then you hop on your 20 incher and things slow down a little. And when you get on the cruiser,it seems like you have all the time in the world. 
He and Jeff Bottema play racquetball for an hour and a half a couple times a week.  That's pretty giueling. We usually lose about 5 pounds each. 
Toby has a good reason to be training hard. He's going to be supporting a wife soon. By the time you read this,he'll be married to Elen Oneal.
Another prime motivator is the upcoming Murray World Cup in Nashville,with its $10.000 Pro Cruiser purse.  That's deep in the back of my mind,pickin' at me all the time. I keep thinkin' about how much money be physically and mentally prepared for that race,and goin' for it. 


1983 Toby Henderson rides with Pro Gard

Top pro BMX racer has virtually  cleaned-up  on the top competition in his class . . . And he keeps  cleaning-up  because he rides with Pro Gard-- an ingenious concept in chain protection.

I supose Toby didn't race all the time with this Pro Gard chain protection.
But on the cover of BMX PLUS! Of June 1983 you can see the thing on Toby's bike!

BMX,  Happy Days  & Heather O' Rourke
Super BMX September 1983

Little eight year old Heather O'Rourke, who plays on ABC's "Happy Days", has recently developed an interest in bicycling: more specifically in BMX. Not too long ago she received a BMX style bicycle, and since that time she has been riding it whenever her busy schedule permits. Besides her work on "happy Days", Heather has been in several commercials, was in the motion picture "Poltergiest" and has done a Walt Disney special entitled: "Believe You Can and You Can." Who knows, maybe someday this young celebrity will show up at the races as a competitor in a girl's class.

Heather O'Rourke stars with Henry Winkler and Linda Purl in ABC's "Happy Days".

Note: Super BMX featured movie / tv stars back then and in this case Hutch saw it as a oppertunity for some cheap exposure.

Team Hutch, double World Champions '83
BMX Action Bike December 1983, thanks to Stevie Vinoah