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1984 Hutch Hi-Performance line

Hutch race and leisure wear. Hutch Hi-Performance offers an extensive line of everything from bikes and gear bags to race uniforms and pit wear.   Tottaly Rad  clothing line designed with the superstar look.Cut-off sweat shirts,muscle sweats and T-shirts,hooded sweats with pants to match,and stylish jacket and dress shirts with the embroidered logo.

1984 Rad Kaps

Rad Kaps.The latest rage in 1984 in wild and colorful valve caps. Available in too many styles and colors to list. Here with the Hutch name on it! By BMX Movin' On.
Note: This was not made by Hutch!

1984 Hutch / BMX Action subscription sweepstakes

BMX Action March 1984 subscription sweepstakes.
Win a week vacation on Chesapeake Bay with Toby Henderson.
This price was donated by Hutch with a value of $3000.
Such prices they don't give anymore today! That's a pitty!

Jason Johnson Exposed

Jumper Of The Year No. 2

BMX Action! May 1984.This dude is awesome. We kept hearin' about how fast and how big Jason Johnson was, but never knew what he looked like. At the GT Supernational last weekend, we got this shot of his mug. Now everybody knows what he looks like, even the other guys in the 11 Expert class, who rarely see anything but his backside.

BMX Action Bike, January 1985.
Tim Judge, Jumper Of the Year No. 2!

Is this the next Stu?

1985 Hutch / BMX Action subscription sweepstakes

BMX Plus! April 1985 Profile of Jason Johnson.

BMX Action May 1985 subscription sweepstakes.
Win a free one-week vacation on chesapeake bay with those crazed Hutch dudes, Timmy Judge and Mike Miranda!
A $3000 value courtesy of Hutch Hi-Performance.

The first back flip ever?! By HUTCH rider Jose Yanez at the 1985 ABA Grand Nationals.
BMX PLUS! March 1985


This wasn't just any performance.It was the debut of the newest member of the Hutch team,Jose Yanez,25,of Phoenix,Arizona.Woody Itson and Mike Dominguez were the stars of the Hutch team,but Yanez was present for his first show.After Woody dazzled the crowd with his ground tricks and Dominguez awed the group with his aerials,Hutch brought out Yanez for the finale.Yanez had only one trick,but it was a killer.The crowd moved back to give him a clear approach to a narrow takeoff ramp about five feet high and a wide landing ramp about six feet high.Jose came tearing across the floor at full speed and hit the first ramp.As he soared into the air,he pulled back on his handlebars of his Hutch,and as the crowd gasped in amazement,he and his bike completed a full back flip in the air,came down to a save landing on the second ramp,and rode away.There was no doubt about it,Jose Yanez had succesfully completed the greatest freestyle trick ever attemted. BMX PLUS! March 1985.