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For who of you who crave gravity-powered speed,Hutch Performance Products has designed the BMX world's first production-model,gravity-powered bicycle,the Hutch GPV. This bike features a unique padded kneeling position,which lowers the center of gravity and relaxes bodystrain. The frame is longer and lower than a typical 20-inch frame and fork. The fairing is vacuum-formed plastic. Approximate retail price for this high-speed machine is $350.

From: "Dwight Garland III"
Subject: HUTCH GPV
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003

I have and currently still race that HUTCH GPV on your web site. In 1988 HUTCH and Dan Hanebrink sponsered me for the factory team. To date I hold the world speed record and have been a 3 time world champion on that bike. The # 1 bike third from the left is me and that bike today.
See Ya, " Snarlin " Dwight Garland






1) HPV SUPER BIKE: This was the year of the high speed bikes.How fast? Fast enough that the average Joe could technically get a speeding ticket while blasting down the highways and byways of urban America. The Super Bike bu Hutch is the most innovative bike to come along in decades.Feature a special Aerotech Faring with a see-throught windscreen for minimum wind resistance.Sugino 64T chainwheel,SunTour 11-26 six-speed cluster with Accu-shift chain and derailleur for maximum speed. Price: $599.
2) HUTCH GP-1: Out shooting product. In red only. A cheaper version of the Super Bike,also with gears! $329.
3) HUTCH FZ-1: Hutch low-end Formula bike. This is a low-price knock-of of the Hutch Super Bike. This one is called the FZ-1 and it's priced at under $249. In yellow and black. This bike later came with a yellow faring,simular to there Super bike (4).

1989 Hutch's Wheelie Machine

BMX Plus! Augustus 1989. When Richard Hutchins and Dan Hanebrink put their minds together to come up with something  different  for '89,they ended up creating this wild wheely bike. It's so new they don't even have a name for it. It feature a wheely bar that's connected to its frame on one end and a skateboard truck on the other. It's made so that can jump on it and pop a wheelie,rest on the wheely bars for banance and cruise around in that position,leaning from side to side to turn. Couls this be the missing link between BMX bikes and drag-racing motorcycles?

The last thing I found about Hutch(ins)

This is the last thing I found that has to do something with Hutchins. BMX PLUS! Februari 1993.
Anniversary winner. Travis Rowland out of Cape Girardeau,MO,was a lucky guy. Why? Because he won a hot Hutchins Judge II BMX bike through the November 1992 Anniversary Giveaway--that's why!