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Rick Allison Prototype Hutch Freestyler

December 09, 2009, asked Rick Allison more info about the weird Hutch bike in a old Vans ad. This is what Rick had to say about his prototype Hutch freestyle bike:
Hey Johan, this is Rick Allison back at ya.
I had the bike made in 1987-88. The man who welded up the bike was Dan Hanebrink. He also designed the GPV (gravity powered vehicles). He lived in Big Bear California back in the 80s.
He also helped Hutch design and produce the worlds fastest PRODUCTION bike. The HPV. Its on the cover of BMX Plus! Januari issue 1988. Anyways I didn't like Hutch's new line of bikes so for contests and appearances back in the late 80s ,I needed something more. So I drove out to Dan's shop in Big Bear and we both joined our creative juices to make the Rick Allison Signature model bike.It was based on the original Trick Star 1 . In fact we took the rear end off the original bike and did some measurements and welded on an entirely new rear end of

bike that Dan created outa his shop. If you notice on my bike the rear of the bike crosses thru instead of just stopping on seat post to top tube of bike. He also welded on some rear platform stays to help feet stay on rear dropouts more. Great for backwards infinity rolls and such tricks. To finish off the bike,t he front end was too raked in original bike so we took new forks from Trick Star 2 and it made the front rake about 4-5% more so. Vans did an add with the bike and photo was by Steve Giberson (BMX Action December 1988).  I hope the info helps you. The bike worked awesome. After 2 years or so with that bike, it was just a tack welded prototype, it broke. On rear dropout after I did an acid drop off a mail box. The big blue ones for bulk mail. I used to love doing rear drop ins on half pipes too. One of those hard landings did her in. So hutch and I spit ways, I tossed it in the garbage.

Weird looking rear on a Hutch cruiser

Cruiser without gusset behind BB

From Danny Toland, Aug. 2008:
I have a Hutch XL24 cruiser frame. It is all I have
left of the entire bike I got on my 16th birthday, I am 40 now. While looking at the "Weird/Proto" section on your site I went to look at my old frame. It has no serial number on either dropout. I got it in December of 1983. The rear loop tubes do not match. It does have the Hutch name stamped into the brake bridge so I know it is a real Hutch but I now think it may be kind of rare.

Wrong dropouts?

Left: pre serial Lil Hole Shot frames with dropouts without the 2 holes. Normal Lil Hole Shot frames have 2 holes in the dropouts.
Right: none serial Pro Racer frame with Lil Hole Shot dropouts.

Weird looking Expert Frame

Expert 20" frame. Serial number 0642753, top tube length just over 18" (center to center), Hutch engraved in the brakebridge. All look like it's a US made frame, but the seat stays are welded much higher then normal! Look a bit like the first Profile made Hutches, but this one is made later because it has a serial number.

Hutch used different companies to bend tubes for them and make other pieces for the frames. In that way it could be that the tubes had little differences with could lead to some weird looking frames like this one above!
Right lower pic is from another Expert frame (none serial) with lower welded seat stays.